Monday, 20 February 2012

Wishing the week away

We all do it, constantly saying we 'can't wait for...' payday, the weekend, an upcoming gig, a holiday in the Summer, warmer weather and on and on and on.

Laughing just now with a colleague about how excited I was about my healthy dinner tonight and nabbing the last sweet potato (I've a night in on my own tonight and clearly am incredibly sad!) I came to realise how I wish each week away even on a mundane level.

Take the below for example I've worked out:

Weigh in day
My 'hump' day, good night for trashy TV though
Halfway through the working week
The 'new Friday' usually marked by drinks or social plans of some sort
End of the week woohoo!!
Off to the gym, probably plans in evening with friends for a night out
Off to the gym, probably plans in afternoon/evening with family

This basically lists a typical week from Monday through to Sunday. How scary to think each week is so similar and you spend it wishing yourself along to the next good thing coming up.

Now I'm sure this is perfectly normal human behaviour - or certainly for anally organised people like myself!

I can find I can even almost do it for each working day where I have no plans:
Wake up
Pack my bag for work
Get washed and dressed for work
Boyfriend drives me to station
Get on train usually 831 at latest
Get in work, log on and make morning coffee and breakfast
Eat lunch around 1, go for break around 130
Spend lunch typically writing blog or reading
Come back from lunch and have healthy snack
End of day rush to station but no matter what always tend to end up on 1817 train
Boyfriend picks me up from station
Go home, do workout DVD
Get showered, have dinner
Make lunch etc for work
Watch TV and relax for couple of hours
Go to bed
And so it begins again...

How on earth - and why - is my life so predictable? Am I lapsing into middle aged behaviour now I'm approaching 30? Am I just a very dull person, or do we all live like this?

Should we all seriously think more about doing things on the spur of the moment? Should I try out new hobbies and interests?

The thing is though although it seems I spend all week looking to the next day and appear to follow a typical weekly structure I enjoy it. It works for me.

I can remember older relatives' words when young telling you to 'stop wishing your life away'. Should I snap out of this comfort zone and get some more excitement in my life then??

Something to think about that's for sure and it certainly ties in with my whole idea of doing something different to mark my 30th birthday...

For now though I'm on the 1817 train home and looking forward to my healthy dinner. boyfriend's not picking me up and I'm too achey from yesterday's gym visit to do my workout DVD, that's two steps away from my usual weekday evening, is that spontaneous enough?...

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