Monday, 27 February 2012

Week 9 started and 12lbs down...

I realised I've not updated you on my weight loss and fitness plan for nearly two weeks now. As today is a weigh in day I thought what better time?

This is the start of my 9th week and at this morning's weigh in I'd lost a pound. Although not amazing progress I can't really complain since I have eaten like a pig the last couple of weeks (and consumed quite a bit of alcohol...)

Last week I stayed the same and this week I lost a pound so overall progress is moving along nicely. I keep having 'fat day's though and so far am not experiencing the weight loss confidence I was expecting.

I'm not sure perhaps it's some sort of guilt over having such a bad diet of late. Another thing not helping is agreeing to a recent invite which is going to involve the hottest group of girls I've seen in a long while, ever since I've been a bit self conscious and wondering how things will turn out. Let's hope I lose quite a lot more before then!

Also I worked out if I've done 8 weeks of this and lost 12lbs now it's good, BUT it averages out closer to one pound per week moreso than two pounds per week. I know, details details, but it does make me feel I could have been more successful.

There are a couple of events planned this week which will again see more alcohol being drunk (I'm not an alcoholic honestly!) However, the plan is to at least try and keep the food side on track, we'll see...

I'm off to the gym today after work, in what will be my fourth visit in a row. Thankfully I'm not quite so achey as I have been. I did a little bit of everything in Friday's workout as quite frankly I was tired an couldn't be bothered. This resulted in a quick blast on a host of cardio machines and then some weight work. I only did 60 minutes but boy did I ache that evening, and the next day. I'm beginning to think this could be a good move and maybe I've discovered a new way to challenge my body again?

For now I'm going to head back to my office and eat some fruit snacks (excitement in my life sometimes is just too much!) I have been up since 5am and in work early so a nice early finish for me. Let's hope I make it to the gym and once there don't end up falling asleep on the treadmill!

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