Monday, 13 February 2012

Week Seven Begins...

This is the start of week seven of my healthy eating and fitness plan.

For my weigh in this morning I'm pleased to confirm last week's plan of making sure I use up my points (to avoid starvation mode) and trying to do moderate exercise whilst being ill worked. I lost four pounds!

This means that in total over six weeks I've managed to lose 11lbs. Am really pleased, but as ever I'm still counting down to my goal and realised it's a long way off.

Still, I really cant complain, my clothes are fitting better and I'm feeling much better in myself. My BMI is steadily decreasing and my body fat is gradually dropping too. If this annoying cold would shift I'd feel pretty healthy.

Yet again though I'm in for an interesting week. Potentially three 'cheat' days food-wise and clearly I won't be working out in the gym or doing my workout DVD on Valentine's evening! I'm also going to have to skip exercise on Friday too.

Work-wise I've got quite a busy week so hopefully all that rushing about will help burn some calories!

If you've got any tips on healthy eating or exercise please do let me know, I want to have a backup plan when my body gets used to all the options I'm trying out!

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