Saturday, 25 February 2012

Melican on Music: Kaiser Chiefs at the Hammersmith Apollo

This Thursday a tad hungover and pretty sleepy I found myself at the Hammersmith Apollo to see the Kaiser Chiefs. The last UK date in their Future is Medieval tour, this was the third gig of theirs I've been to. I've seen the band a number of times at various festivals like V and Isle of Wight, as well as their own performances at Wembley and Earls Court. It has to be said they are one of my favourite bands.

I think most people have recognised the band has dipped in popularity over the years and hasn't appeared in the charts for a while, the last big memorable song of theirs which attracted a more mainstream crowd being Ruby. And I have to add I've just shocked myself when looking this up and realising that was in 2007!

Regardless I really like them and better than listening to their albums, I think they are fantastic live. Whether they are in the mainstream or not they certainly still have a big following. Ricky Wilson is a superb frontman and knows how to work a crowd (in my humble opinion). Seeing them this week just proved how popular they are yet again and the power he has over said crowd.

The guys opened up with Everyday I Love You Less and Less, which got the crowd going after a pretty slow start from two support acts on the stage beforehand.

Actually skipping back a bit when the support Fixers and Frankie and the Heartstrings were on, me and my boyfriend were feeling a little boring. Looking around the venue (which I must say is one of my favourites) we noticed how 'old' the crowd were, most people were our age or older and I have to admit I started to feel a little old myself on noticing this. We worried is the music we're into now the sort of thing older audiences like, have we crossed that line and are no longer into actual modern music?? We were also yawning as both of us were tired and the support acts I hate to say didn't really spark our excitement.

I knew this wouldn't matter though as whenever I've seen the Leeds indie band themselves I've not failed to jump around, shout, scream and have a great time!

Admittedly before the gig I had the new album but haven't really listened to it - this isn't a reflection on the Kaiser Chiefs, I am so bad at actually listening to albums after getting them - and so far I hadn't found any songs that jumped out at me.

The band did a good mix of classic hits, new tracks and songs off the album the tour was based on. Hearing it all live I found I liked every song and the set seemed to go pretty quickly. Best bits for me were of course Ruby, Love's Not A Competition But I'm Winning, Oh My God, The Angry Mob, the new Listen To Your Head, Ricky go up into the circle to sing and lots more.

We're known amongst friends for going to a lot of a gigs, but sadly this was our first gig of 2012 and at present is our only gig. Last year we saw Stereophonics, Rihanna, Foo Fighters, Take That, Kasabian and we went to the Isle of Wight Festival where we saw a whole array of artists. I recently went to sample some garage and old tunes at Kisstory at the Indigo2, but don't have anything else booked up as yet. I'm rather envious actually that my boyfriend is off to see Noel Gallagher tomorrow at the o2 with one of his close friends.

So I can't compare the Kaisers gig to anything else this year really, but comparisons aside it was a great gig, testament to this is the fact I enjoyed it so much and had so much energy when they were on despite my tiredness and hangover! Let's hope I get to go to some more gigs this year to tell you about!

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