Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Two steps forward, three steps back

Apologies in advance but this post is likely to be a little whingey.

So yesterday was Valentine's Day, which was lovely, well the evening was. The daytime during which I was at work was pretty rubbish if I'm honest. However, did anyone else notice how negative people were this year re the occasion?

Granted we all know how much the day sucks if you're single and for those buying or receiving gifts it's well known how prices rocket for flowers, restaurants put their costs up and seemingly in turn their service levels down.

Yesterday though I witnessed so many miserable updates on social media and in general everyone I encountered seemed to be on a downer or just plain rude. For a day of love it was severely lacking in some amore that's for sure!

Of course being Valentines Day I didn't think it suitable to stick rigidly to my diet plan and exercise. I ate healthily all day, but I did no exercise and in the evening consumed a three course meal and quite a few chocolates...

This of course I enjoyed, but I've since realised with dismay the next couple of weeks are going to be a nightmare. One day 'off' already, I have a meal and drinks with friends planned on Friday AND Saturday night! One involves pizza and one involves Mexican food - not the healthiest of options! Don't get me wrong I can't wait to catch up with friends, it's the calorie consumption I find concerning.

Then of course next week sees Pancake Day, my parents have already suggested an invite and our nephew recently asked about us coming to eat pancakes with him too, so it's inevitable we'll be stuffing our faces at some point.

Add to that celebrations with friends and a work do involving lots of food and you have two weeks of eating! Plus I have a humongous box of chocolates to get through from Valentine's Day.

So well done me for losing 4lbs at Monday's weigh-in, but the next few weeks have lots of food and booze in store! Oh well guess I'll have to step up the exercise and try pick the 'healthy' options when I'm out...

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