Friday, 10 February 2012

Budding bookworm

I love love love books. I admit it, I am well and truly a bookworm!

Ever since I was young I’ve loved reading, it’s just the way you can escape into a book and how it can totally change your mood.

You can forget all your troubles and relax with an easy-read like some Chick Lit. Or how about a good old cry reading a nice weepy tearjerker. Learn more about your favourite celebrity or public figure in their autobiography. Or picture yourself in an exotic location, in another world, or step back into the past.

The sense of achievement reaching the end of a particularly taxing read, or on the other hand the annoyance when you’ve stuck with a bad book hoping for it to improve and it never does. Or how about when you’re so sure of the ending and then an amazing twist comes in and takes you by surprise.

It’s funny, an early childhood memory which I never forget is of being at junior school and we had an awards scheme called ‘Reading Aloud’. School pupils had to read their allocated book out to their parents each night or for so many hours per week.

Well for me this was no chore or ‘homework’, I loved to read and would be eager to get my books out when at home. As a result I regularly got the associated certificates and somewhere in with my bits and bobs (likely in my parents’ loft) I have a whole pile of them.

I’ve always loved to write too and from a very young age I was writing my own ‘books’ – various childlike stories and make believe newspaper articles. When my Dad got a video camera I was in my element – getting him to practice filming by taking me on camera reading out my ‘pretend’ news announcements!

Having always been teased for having my head in a book, I came to realise I’ve never really mentioned on this blog my love of reading. Similarly I’ve never mentioned books I’ve been reading.

Therefore I’ve decided that from now on as well as my mix of opinion pieces, random thoughts, short stories and poems, I am also going to bleat on about books!

Already at work I’ve found some colleagues who share my love of literature and I’m like my Mum’s very own mobile library the amount of paperbacks I recommend and lend to her! So I’m thinking by sharing my thoughts on here I can introduce others to books I like and also hopefully learn of some gems I’ve not yet discovered!

So get ready to hear more about my favourite fiction and check out some of my recommended reads…


  1. Thanks Cem, let me know what you think of my first one, now up!

  2. I've just joined a bookclub. Would love to hear your receommendations and compare notes with you. What are you reading at the moment?
    Emma S

  3. Yes sounds great!

    This year so far I've read Sebastian Faulks 'A Week in December', 'The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake' by Aimee Bender and 'Delirium' by Lauren Oliver.

    At the moment I'm reading 'The End of Everything' by Megan Abbott.

    Happy Reading!