Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day

14th February, the day of love. Or a day for companies to charge the earth for red roses, tacky heart adorned products and overly long waits in restaurants with sub-standard cooked food.

Thought I better add that in there for the singletons and people who hate these card company commercial events!

As part of being in a relationship with someone who works shifts, unfortunately my man is working until 11pm this evening and so any efforts to mark this occasion will not be taking place today, on the day itself.

Well, that’s what we agreed, but as always I’ve been surprised (when will I ever learn) and I was still presented with a card (and a bonus card) and some beautiful flowers this morning when I woke up in a rush for work.

Already on the back foot I have been feeling guilty today, but we said we’d do all celebrations tomorrow when he has the day off, honest!!

I often get lots of little themed bits and pieces for him to open and feel all pleased with myself and then when we swap my stuff ends up looking rubbish! (I swear sometimes I am more like the stereotypical man in our relationship!)

Anyway this year I have decided to be different. Of course I can’t share with you what exactly as then it will give my plans away! I just hope I don’t end up being the one who looks rubbish again this year (this morning is not the best sign of that so far though!)

Although I don’t like looking like the rubbish one in the relationship, I can’t complain. I’d rather this than constantly be let down!

I’ve been looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year as it’s our first as an engaged couple (yes I do think of everything that way now).

However, looking to sell my flat and buy a house we had agreed this year we’d keep costs down and likely just cook a nice meal indoors on Saturday.

Thanks to my romantic partner, we have something else planned now.

He has come up with a lovely idea, which I thought I’d share – recreating our first date(s)!

This August we will have been together for 9 years (longer than some marriages as someone highlighted to me earlier this week!) and when I think back to when we first met I can still remember what I was wearing/he was wearing and how I felt.

I used to work in the Canary Wharf area in London and those that know it will know nearby there is a nice area called West India Quay which is home to lots of lovely waterfront bars, places to eat and similar. Obviously meeting somewhere like that in Summer was great as it was lovely and warm and a great location in the sun.

We’d first been introduced/forced together in April when his family and friends were ‘wetting the baby’s head’ for his nephew and then we were texting and in touch until finally we managed to arrange this date in August!
It went so well when we met up that we ended up having 2 dates in 1 week!

As we soon came to realise we both love talking (friends and family will definitely vouch for that). On our first date we’d agreed to meet for a drink and then head to see a film. We were talking so much we missed the film and ended up just chatting and then going for a meal (a huge step for me given I used to hate eating in front of men I liked!) The second time round we did manage to go see a film and again had a great time.

So we’ve decided (although it won’t be quite as sunny and warm in February!) for our celebrations this year we’re going to recreate those dates, with a few extras.

A relaxed day, mooching round a museum, having a relaxed lunch and drinks, watching a film and then a lovely tapas meal for dinner and reminiscing of when we first met. I can’t wait!

Enjoy your Valentine’s whatever you do and whenever you do them…

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