Thursday, 6 February 2014

Level one nearly done!

Day nine of the Thirty Day Shred workout. Only one more day left on Level One. 

I'm sitting here watching Supersize vs Superskinny and there's another program coming up on plus size ballerinas. 

Trashy TV heaven tonight! And about my favourite topic at the moment diet and exercise! 

I'm going to try do the full 30 days in a row as best I can and do 10 days on each level like before.

So how is it going this time round?

One things for sure my fitness levels have really dropped and I definitely found this workout more a struggle than it seemed in the past.

I find my knees and arms are pretty weak so at times the bicep curl and static lunge move really makes my knees ache. Also the side lunge with shoulder raise move makes my arms/shoulders heavy too.

Thankfully most other parts are fine and I'm getting that feeling I want to move up a level. 

I've had quite a week of it too so I'm thinking I might have had more of a struggle because that.

One things for sure I feel so much better for it, I'm sleeping more soundly, my body feels better and I'm sticking strictly to my healthy eating diet. 

It's all about balance and I don't want to become obsessive or a bore, but for now I feel I need to see some strong results before having too many treats.

Last Saturday I'd found I'd lost 1lb which I was pleased with as I'd only done 3 days of exercise and healthy eating.

This week I will have completed 7 days of exercise and 6 days of healthy eating! This would have been seven full days but I had a slight pig out at the in-laws last Sunday. 

I'm sticking at it and hoping to finish my flat declutter this weekend and burn some more calories doing that! 

Plus having a bit of a hard week I'm not just pleased I've stuck to the plan (my workout and recording my food on MyFitnessPal), but also loving the boost to my mood the exercise brings.

Now for the weigh in on Saturday and starting level two. The only problem is I've found out one of my favourite spinning instructors is covering the Saturday morning class. Do I have a day off the shred and get back to spin or not? Dilemmas dilemmas! 

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