Monday, 10 February 2014

New hair new mood

After a lot of debating (and a stressed out rush home) tonight I had my hair done. The last time it was trimmed and dyed was back in December.

I woke up tired today and I felt wound up for most of it after a nightmare journey into work and a non-stop working day. 

Yet tonight I am sat here feeling refreshed and relaxed.


Because I had my hair done.

I was starting to feel my hair was getting in a bad condition and it was taking ages to dry where it had got so long and thick.

Now this evening my hair is freshly dyed, the dead ends are cut away and my hair feels healthy.

It's made me feel better.

In the same way I've been decluttering my flat, as I've blogged about, to get it ready to be valued by estate agents. 

Finally I looked at my bedroom and after bagging up six big sacks of clothes and six bin liners of rubbish I can see my clothes more easily and everything is in order.

Again this made me feel better.

It's something a couple of people have touched on lately, but tidiness and order in your home and appearance truly does seem to equal a clear mind.

Similar to diet and exercise where I can lose weight, I feel I am in control.

For someone like me that hates to feel things are out of my control all these things give me a real boost.

Why these types of order in various elements of our life make us feel this way I really don't know.

Maybe it's also a sense of achievement at having those things organised? Who knows.

I'm just glad I finally managed to make a decision on what to do with my hair! All one colour, more off the length, keep the dip dyed look? I honestly was changing my mind even when my hairdresser first arrived!

For now I'm feeling relaxed and happy that my hair looks and feels healthy right now. 

How long that will last who knows. I guess I'll have to find something else to control...

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