Friday, 7 February 2014

Nosy neighbour

I am on the train home. I should be reading a book on my Kindle, but yet again I've been distracted.

Why am I now writing a blog instead?

What exactly has distracted me?

The two women sat near to me that's what.

They're talking about a load of rubbish and gossip, but I can't stop listening.

If you're interested they've spoken about getting a mole removed, friends, reading something and gossiped about the guy nearby letting a girl sit down in the seats rather than him!

I was also getting distracted/a bit annoyed by one of them messaging on their phone and the little noises it was making as she received a new message through.

Yes I'm nosey.

All the time.

Many a time I've been caught out openly staring at people as they chat on the train, honestly I probably look like I'm part of the group!

I can recall years back at work people laughing at me as they caught me listening in to their conversation next to me.

What is it that makes us nosey?

I've started twitching the blinds when I've heard people arguing outside. 

Ooh they're talking about relationships now, I think one of them is having trouble in her marriage...


I know when I go for lunch or drinks with my Auntie she's the super nosy parker, always checking out people nearby.

We've been in coffee shops before and stupidly sat next to the window, we couldn't hold a chat for more than 2 minutes before we were nosing outside!

Oh no, one of them is teary now. Awkward.


If I can see a text in front of me on someone's screen if they are on the bus I can't help but look.

Yet I get so miffed if someone dares listen in to me! 

Haha one of the women has said what a horrible noise the phone makes! 

Oh she's reading Lee Child's apparently.

They're deciding if they're having a glass of wine now when they get off.

Okay enough is enough! I'm off to see what else I can nose in on now, only two stops left after all!! Ooh and I think they're getting off at my stop...

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