Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Colour confusion

Today has been all about the tube strikes in London, so rather than follow the trend I've decided to blog about something different.

What's playing on my mind? My hair.

I last got my hair trimmed and my roots dyed back in December. 

As always I've left it slightly too late to get my hair sorted and I have noticed far too many grey hairs for by liking!

My hairdresser is booked to come over Monday evening after work (which means leaving work dead on time and a big rush home to make sure I make it back! 

At this point I've told her it's for a colour, cut and blowdry. 

The question is what to do with my hair? I had it dip dyed back in the Summer.

We're in Winter now and my hair has been like this quite a whole now.

My hair is very thick and grows fast and it has for very long.

I do like it long so I think I want it to stay that way for now.

However, I am debating whether to go back to my old and trusted dark brown/black all one colour.

In order to get to this I have a feeling the dip dyed ends will just need to be cut off.

So I need some help. Do I stay with the dip dye and get my colour freshened up and just have a trim.

Or do I have quite a lot cut off and go all black? 

Dilemmas dilemmas! 

Any tips greatly received! 

To chop or not to chop? Black or ombre?

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