Saturday, 30 March 2013

This temple needs a break

We're here in the Easter bank holiday weekend, four days off from work and an excuse to chill out and stuff our faces!

As per my last post I was super keen and excited to get to Good Friday so I could indulge in my Mum's yummy roast lamb dinner.

Originally I'd planned to unwind on Thursday night and go to spinning to get my metabolism working before the onslaught of fattening food up ahead. However, I'd ended up leaving work late and missed my spin class so I was soon easily swayed to instead join my work lot in some pre-bank holiday drinks.

The end result? No surprise here, what it always is... I drank lots of wine, Prosecco and of course j├Ągerbombs were involved and then when my boyfriend came to get me I needed some junk food - cut to McDonalds and chocolate! Not the original healthy evening planned, but I realised I needed it and I was glad I went.

So the Thursday night spinning got dropped. Fair enough. Oh well on Good Friday we had until 2pm until we needed to be at my parents so plenty of time for some exercise beforehand. What really happened? We got lazy and instead got up late, had hot cross buns for breakfast and also had some chocolate Easter treats before leaving the flat!

Oh well yet again I have to say it's Easter. I'm entitled to have a break and not stick to eating healthily and exercising all the time.

I wasn't let down by the meal at my Mum's. I didn't think I would be. Oh boy did I make the most of a day off from eating healthily though! We had a huge roast dinner, alcohol, homemade baklava for afters. Then later in the evening we had some nibbles (spring rolls, tempura prawns etc).

By the time we made our way home in the early hours I was so full up!

There was no way I was missing my spin class this morning after all that food, so off I went.

And that is when I started to suffer. They say the body is a temple. Well this one well and truly needs a rest.

From just two days off from exercise and eating lots of fattening food, I found spinning was a real struggle. I was really sleepy and felt so lethargic. Don't get me started on how dehydrated I was either!

So right now my pile of Easter chocolate goods is staying on the side in the kitchen Already it's been added to with two small Easter eggs each from my parents.

However I think for now today and tomorrow is going to be booze free and full of healthy food. I've already consumed lots of water today and its starting to make me feel better.

Then bring on Easter Monday, at that point I'll allow myself again to indulge in some chocolate (and I feel with the amount we've got I'll be planning in chocolate treat days for the next few weeks!)

Obviously the fact that Monday is weigh in day has nothing whatsoever to do with this planning...

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