Sunday, 31 March 2013

Just what I needed

Trying not to do some sort of countdown, but I've realised that we're now on day three of the four day bank holiday weekend.

So far so good. This break has been just what I needed I think.

Good Friday was indeed very good (particularly since I didn't seem hungover from the night before's work drinks). A lazy start to the day filled with hot cross buns and chocolate treats. Then a family day at my parents with a big roast dinner and catching up until the early hours.

Saturday I woke up feeling stuffed to the brim, so decided a healthy day and spinning was in order. Then a relaxing evening in with my man.

Today, Easter Sunday, again I've been 'good' with healthy eating and spinning this morning at the gym. I've had a lovely relaxing day a lovely hot bubble bath, reading a good book, lying on the sofa watching some TV. And now I'm waiting for my man to get home so we can enjoy a nice evening together, probably going to see something at the cinema.

It's hard as although I don't want to reach Monday since it marks the final day of the bank holiday, I'm excited to see it.

Easter Monday means another family day. I'm going to have a nice lie in, then head to the gym for spinning. After a few hours at home to myself (likely featuring some chocolate treats!) I'm meeting my parents and Auntie for an early dinner out. Once we've eaten we're off to the local theatre where my boyfriend will meet us to watch the Moscow Ballet perform Coppelia. What a great way to end the break.

So for now I'll carry on chilling on the sofa waiting for my man to get here.

And rest assured there'll be a blog on the way after tomorrow's latest theatre visit!

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