Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Melican at the theatre: They're Playing Our Song

Another week, another theatre visit.

After my last visit to the Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch for a rather more risqué type of viewing this time I was going for something a little calmer.

My second show as part of the Jump the Q offer I’d taken advantage of, I visited the local theatre with my Mum and Auntie for another evening of family female fun. We had a nice meal in a local restaurant and then headed off to take our seats to see the latest theatrical offering.

Again it was a ‘preview’ night, so we were told to be patient and there may be a few hiccups – as per our visit to see A Passionate Woman in a similar situation the show only had but the most minor of ‘mistakes’ which were barely noticeable.

I admit I wasn’t quite sure what They’re Playing Our Song was going to be about or what type of performance it would be and since my visit I’ve realised the show is an old musical with a book and is based on a real life relationship. Not only that, it first premiered in 1978 in LA so it’s not a brand new show as I thought.

The Queen’s Theatre show in 2013 is directed by Matt Devitt and is brought to the audience again by the fabulous ‘cut to the chase’.

On finding the show was a musical I was pleasantly surprised and found I really enjoyed the performance, focussing on two main characters Vernon and Sonia. There was lots of music, catchy tunes (I still keep humming the main theme) and also lots of laughs. A great show all round.

The storyline kept you interested and the actual talent of the performers – in both their instrument playing and singing was very impressive.

I was also a fan of the simple, but fun and clever set. Our theatre never fails to surprise me at how well they do with such a small space.

Yet again I found myself impressed with my the Queen's and its performers and I now look forward to my next visits there – the Coppélia ballet at Easter and then in May the last in the Jump the Q series – Run For Your Wife!

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