Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter eats

I'm sitting here watching MasterChef on TV and yet again I'm thinking about this weekend.

After making it through one more day of work most of us can look forward to a long weekend ahead, a whole four days to rest up.

I for one can't wait. I feel so rundown right now I feel fit to drop!

Plus, I won't lie, I'm not religious. So this weekend is Easter and it should mean thinking of stories from the Bible and what this time of year is really about. However like many people nowadays, I'll admit I'm focused more on seeing family and Easter eggs.

In fact at work today after our team meeting I gave my team a selection of Easter gifts, well treats. What were they? Various animal shaped chocolates - various bunnies, chicks, carrots (well carrot shaped) and eggs. Everyone in our team has a pretty sweet tooth it has to be said so they were all pretty pleased.

As I've been counting down the days until this break a key item in my mind is food.

Yes, eating healthily and exercising regularly clearly food or rather 'naughty' food is going to be top of my mind.

This week has been ridiculous, I have constantly found myself daydreaming and fantasising of all sorts of culinary delights.

The other night when my boyfriend got home from work, we found ourselves giggling away at how food-obsessed I've become this week. I just kept reeling off item after item of food I could eat.

And what's started this all off?

My Mum. Well, my Mum's roast dinner.

Recently I blogged about childhood memories and I have to say Mum's roast dinners would certainly be a key one. They always say you always love your Mum's roasts the best and for me that is so true. Nothing can beat it.

In particular roast lamb. So when my parents invited me and my boyfriend over for a meal on Good Friday and then told me it was going to be roast lamb I became a woman obsessed.

I am actually counting down to when I can eat that mouthwatering meal.

We are spending time with my family on Friday and on Easter Monday I've talked everyone in to going to our local theatre to try out some ballet. Otherwise we don't have much planned since as per usual my boyfriend unfortunately has to work most of it.

Both of us are watching our weight and trying to keep on track so I didn't want to go overboard, but it wouldn't be Easter without some basics. So of course I've got some hot cross buns, Cadbury Creme eggs (my fave), Cadbury mini eggs (my man's faves) and some Malteaser mini bunnies (which we can share).

Aside from desperately trying to get hold of some Cadbury Egg n Spoon (if you haven't tried them do it, they are gorgeous!) these are the only treats I plan to have in my flat. Of course if my Mum wants to stuff us silly on Friday I'm certainly not going to argue!

So whilst I sit here admiring the talent in front of me on MasterChef and look forward to getting tomorrow's working day out the way, the main thing in my mind right now is without a doubt that roast dinner meal.

Mum, don't let me down!

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