Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Queen of my night

It's been quite some time since I've been into London's West End to see a musical - of late I've been more focused on ballet and my local theatre.

I've lost count of the number of times people have told me of the latest production to hit the stage and how great it is.

So as part of my Mother's Day gifts to my Mum this year I purchased tickets.

After starting my weekend early with a half day me and my Mum headed to Covent Garden and decided to go to somewhere a bit different for dinner first.

I first tried Mexican chain Wahaca a few years back when I was working in Canary Wharf. I immediately loved the laid back atmosphere provided at this eaterie which offers authentic Mexican street food rather than the standard fajitas we're all used to.

Mum had never been so off we went and stuffed ourselves silly with a feast of tortilla chips and frijoles, pork pibil tacos, chicken toastadas, sweet potato and feta taquitos, green rice and more. Washed down with red wine and finished with some very rich and yummy puddings we headed to London's Adelphi Theatre feeling happy but very full!

I'd decided to just buy the best seats available when I booked this gift in January so we were in the stalls, just four rows from the front.

I was excited to see what this show had to offer, were all these people right? Is it that good?

I'd not seen the film for years and my Mum couldn't remember it, but I knew I loved the story and she would too.

So as the lights dropped and we jumped out our skin at the sound of gunshots we settled down to experience The Bodyguard Musical!

I don't want to give too much away as I'm sure people will be wanting to experience it for themselves, but I just felt I had to blog about it.

Wow. Amazing. Outstanding. I walked out the theatre stating that this has to be one of, if not the, best musicals I've seen!

This show truly has it all - it makes you laugh, makes you cry, at times you jump and at others you can't stop bopping along in your seat to the music (and if you're really sad like me singing along!)

I'd heard the lead lady Heather Headley was good, but I can safely say I have never seen a theatre star so talented. Her voice is breathtaking, her mannerisms spot on, she has you captivated throughout.

Throughout this musical I constantly kept getting goosebumps and I'm not a weeper but I could not stop crying! The voices are so so beautiful.

As for the lady who plays Rachel's sister she should not be overlooked either. The performance Run To You where both 'sisters' sing is so powerful. Amazing, superb voices.

Of course Rachel Marron (played by Whitney Houston in the 1992 film) has a son too - the young boy playing 'Fletcher' is a great actor, dancer and singer and so cute, he melts your heart!

Mr Bodyguard himself 'Frank' (played by Kevin Costner in the movie) plays the role well - and is quite a nice character to look at too! Ladies I'm sure you'll be a fan of the guy who plays the psycho/obsessed fan too!!

One thing my boyfriend had said was the TV ads constantly playing right now show the musical to be pretty cheesy. The ads do not do this justice at all.

The set is well used and really adds to the performance, at times I almost felt like I was watching a film and the way the audience is used is very clever too.

Of course at the end the cast were met with a standing ovation and the dancing/singing after the show is a great touch. All sorts of people were up and singing along!

I found I went through a whole host of emotions at this theatre visit.

You also end up leaving feeling sad and reminded of the loss of the talented Whitney Houston, plus you kind of want to head home and put on some Whitney classics and belt your heart out to them!

I will stop gushing about this musical now, but please if you like Whitney Houston tracks, you enjoyed The Bodyguard film or you just enjoy musicals you've got to go check this show out!

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