Monday, 18 March 2013

Bookworm: Losing You by Susan Lewis

Although this book was a rather chunky 600+ pages I finished it in a relatively short amount of time. A sign I often feel of a good book.

Lewis' fictional tale tells the story of two families. The wealthy Lomaxes, with arguing husband and wife Russ and Sylvie (mostly caused by her alcoholism) and their sons Charlie and Oliver. Then the Scott family single Mum Emma, ex husband Will and bright, intelligent Lauren their daughter.

One night changes everything and brings the two families together unexpectedly and not in the best of circumstances, but things don't end as you'd expect.

As I first started reading the book I found the style a tad typical of the genre and was concerned I'd be learning my lesson again - not to read books my Mum lends me!

However, I soon warmed to the easy to read style of writing and soon found myself pretty hooked on the story and what was to happen next.

Each of the characters in the book is well developed and have a strong definition to them. Some are likeable and others not so much, but they all have their own little story to tell.

The book did keep you guessing in certain situations, since some of the outcomes are shall we say a lot more unexpected than you'd think and dare I say if I'm honest unrealistic.

Good bits
Strong characters
Addictive reading
Easy to read
True escapism

Not so great
Unrealistic and far fetched at times
Very cheesy outcomes
Quite basic writing style

In summary, I would recommend this book if you want something easy to read and like a bit of a tear jerker. There's nothing here that's going to stretch your mind or pass on a valuable message (other than the importance of family/support/belief). However, sometimes on the commute or whilst relaxing all you want is to switch off and to escape into somebody's else life. And for that? It's ideal.

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