Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sizing up my progress

Why is there a picture of a random pug cushion on my blog you may be wondering.

Well for those of you that don't know I have a slight obsession with pug dogs right now and I really really want a real pet pug of my own. Living in a flat that's not really an option right now, but imagine how excited I was to discover this super cute cushion. For now this adorable little feature in my flat is going to be my way of having a gorgeous pug to look at every day until I live in a house and can have a little real life doggie of my own!

This - sad as it may seem - has brought a massive smile to my face today. But no of course I am not writing a blog just to tell you how excited I am to own this cushion. No there is another reason today to have a smile on my face.

Today something amazing happened. I needed some new jeans since the ones I've been wearing since losing weight have got a little too big now, the top gapes out and the bum area just sags - not very attractive and not the best way to highlight my new figure.

So today I decided to eventually see if I could get some new jeans that fit a little better. I used to always have light denim jeans, dark denim jeans and black jeans. I was hoping to do that today, but wasn't holding my breath.

What happened? Well, my boyfriend reminded me last week I had achieved a longstanding weightloss goal I had been aiming for since I first started trying to do something about my weight back in 2008. Then my boyfriend bought me a Wii and some time after I bought the Wii Fit game and realised how big I'd actually become! On and off since 2008 I have been trying to sort my weight out and eat healthily and exercise more. I wanted to try and lose three stone.

Finally last week I had knocked off that 3 stone from my heaviest weight! Something randomly my boyfriend had to remind me of - I've been setting myself lots of mini goals since last year again and am at my lowest weight that I think I must be since before my 20s!

Anyway I've gone off on a tangent as usual, back to today. I went shopping and decided to try and get some jeans.

People have been saying to me I should wear tighter, more fitted clothes to show where I've lost weight and if I'm honest I'm still a bit stuck in how I was before, so I find it hard to wear tight clothes, thinking I am too big to wear clothes fitted like that. Today I decided enough was enough jeans should be fitted and snug to you, not baggy and saggy.

I went off into the changing rooms and to my shock I've ended up coming home not just with my super cute pug cushion, but also with three pairs of jeans, two skinny style jeans and one slim leg style. That in itself I'm happy about, but why I'm even happier? They are a size 12! I can't remember the last time I've had size 12 bottoms - whether it be a skirt, shorts or trousers and particularly in a fitted/skinny style.

Finally I have something concrete (as well as what I weigh) to show I definitely have lost weight and my body is changing shape.

So yes, this week I don't feel I've done enough exercise and I've had a few 'cheat' days where I've eaten lots of fattening food and drunk lots of alcohol. The result probably being that tomorrow morning when I do my usual weekly weigh in I'm expecting to put on weight - something which really does impact my mood.

However, after my purchases today, something tells me I'm going to find it a little easier to cope with a weight gain if it happens this time round and I definitely won't let it knock me back that's for sure...

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