Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ladies night with a difference

Recently I paid a visit to my local theatre, this year I've been trying to experience new things and attempt to enjoy a bit more culture.

Last month I saw a play - A Passionate Woman - with my Mum and Auntie. I was back in the same venue the Queen's Theatre in Hornchurch, near where I live, and this time it was just me and my Auntie and an absolutely packed audience filling the seats.

So what did I go to view this time? An opera? A ballet? A heartwrenching dramatic play?

Erm....not quite. No I went to see something a little different, a bit inventive and rather revealing... Puppetry of the Penis.

Yes you read it right I went to see a show (with my Auntie!) involving men, their bits and some 'puppetry'.

As you might expect we ended up having more than just one or two glasses of wine before hitting the theatre, and we were safely placed in row K, a whole eleven rows from the antics on stage. Well, I didn't want us getting pulled up on stage as volunteers did I? Although I admit I also started to have concerns if we would be too far back (no, I am not explaining that in more detail!)

My Auntie had wondered how long the show was going to take and what exactly it'd involve, I had a fair idea, but assumed the show would be relatively short.

Yes the show involved naked men - two Australians to be exact - and the audience were as you'd expect mainly female. We spent most of the show giggling like schoolchildren and watching from behind our hand/between our fingers. It was very funny and we had a good laugh, yes it was childish fun, but it did us good.

However, before these two guys decided to strut their stuff on stage, waving their dangly bits about for all to see, we had a first half. And that first half didn't involve nakedness nor body parts contorted into odd shapes and styles. In fact it didn't involve men at all.

The first half was a stand up comedy set, something I didn't even know was going to be on offer. I'm so pleased it was, we were treated to a 45-50 minute set from Tiff Stevenson, a female comedian I remember seeing on TV a while back on Show Me The Funny (a program trying to find the next big stand up comedian).

Tiff treated us to a host of funny jokes, admittedly rather swayed towards the female audience - but she had us in stitches, really good comedy you could relate to. I was a big fan and what a great surprise for our night - two acts for the price of 1.

It's funny isn't it, you hear about females going to see a naughty show, getting the opportunity to 'act like men' and ogle bodies and sexual parts on the opposite sex. Okay it wasn't a sexual experience, it was meant to be comical too (and it was funny and squirm-worthy as well!) But do you know what I loved most about the night?

The female stand up at the start that I wasn't even going to see originally.

Don't get me wrong a like a bit of smut like the next Essex girl, but in terms of entertainment men may be pleased to hear making a girl laugh is a very key talent to hold!

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