Monday, 30 April 2012


Today I ache. My arms ache, my legs ache, my chest aches, I could go on. The reason being is that I finally actually managed to get off my bum and get in the gym!

I keep a food diary and also an exercise log, now I know I've been bad lately, but I was shocked at the weekend on reading it. No gym since 11th March and no exercise of any form (I had been replacing my gym visits with my extreme workout DVD) for three weeks! Add to that me generally eating like a pig and you get the picture.

Of late I've been a bit miserable and so tired all the time (the Noah's Ark style weather hasn't helped!) Today though I am a happy bunny.

Even though I've already experienced numerous cases of a lack of common sense in my working day, despite the fact I've worn shoes which are killing my feet, regardless of the fact my bus was super late this morning and avoiding the issue that it's Monday today I am feeling good.

Today is sunny (finally!) Today is payday. Today is my niece's third birthday. Today I am meeting my friend who never fails to make me laugh. Today my boyfriend properly started his first full week of work for over six months. Today I started reading a new, highly recommended book and I'm back on my Kindle. Today the working day (so far) seems to be flying by. Today I lost 1lb in my Monday morning weigh-in. Today I ache like hell but feel great for doing some exercise and knowing it's done me good.

So all in all today is bloody great.

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