Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bookworm: The Slap

Last night I finished reading The Slap. I apologise for how long it's been since I last reviewed a book on here, but this chunky paperback was nearly 500 pages long. Don't get me wrong though I am a fast reader, this book was just painful.

The whole story centres around the lives of a number of different characters in Australia and how they are affected by one single incident - somebody slapping a young child round the face at a family/friends BBQ. Hence the title.

Apparently this was also a BBC series, admittedly I never saw it and if you did you will have to let me know if it was any good.

I was lent the book by my Mum of all people - something I found uncomfortable the more I read of the book! And the fact my Dad had read it too! Throughout her time reading she complained how hard going it was, she couldn't get into it and there was far too much swearing.

In a lot of situations me and my Mum differ on opinion so I thought I'd still give it a go.

Now I'm no prude but this book is just full of swearing and sex. If this helps shape a character or add to a story I'm all for it. However this was one of those situations where it felt the author was doing it just for the sake of it.

The result was a mass group of characters who to be quite honest all seemed quite similar and I found all unlikeable. Just as I'd start to think I was liking a character and had some slight sense of identifying with them the page would then become flooded with sex and covered in 'c bombs'.

Good bits
Keeps you reading
Not an obvious ending/outcome

Bad bits
Unlikeable characters
No clear message behind it
Constant sexual references, swearing and the 'c-word' used seemingly for the sake of it

Overall as you can tell I didn't enjoy this read, sticking with it for near on 500 pages didn't do much for my mood on finishing it either. Perhaps I'm just not 'getting it', but I really don't understand what the message was meant to be here.

I only have two more books left in my pile to read before I can get back to my beloved Kindle. One looks like a thick paperback telling a sad childhood tale, for now I'm armed with the small, trashy chick lit option, fingers crossed this one is a bit more enjoyable...

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