Friday, 27 April 2012

Bookworm: Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson

I've wanted to read this book for a while now. When I found out my Mum had purchased it I was keen to borrow it asap! As I've worked through the pile of books from my Mum I haven't had many successes lately, but I was optimistic about this one.

I wasn't disappointed. I loved this book, constant twists and turns, I found myself reading and second guessing what was 'really' happening throughout.

This is one of those books that now I've finished it I'm sad, I've enjoyed reading it. In fact that is probably why I've read it in a matter of a few days. I just could not put it down - on the way to work, on my lunchreak, on the way home, before I go to sleep at night.

Before I Go To Sleep is the fictional story of Christine who finds every morning she awakes she has no memory. As she tries to learn more about her past, her life now and what caused her amnesia, things start to take a more sinister turn.

I've just noticed in the back of the book they are looking to make this into a film, which would be great. Well, if they stay true to the book.

Just when you think you have the story sussed something changes. The characters unfold throughout and you don't know who to trust.

At first I was worried it was going to get tedious as Christine wakes each day and can't remember anything, but Watson handles this well. The idea of the journal to tell the tale and splitting the book into three time-framed chunks works well.

The author's descriptions are very strong and you can easily picture Christine's surroundings and the pain she goes through. At points this read made me feel quite tearful. It certainly plays with your emotions.

Good points
Strong characters
Great description
Lots of twists to keep you guessing
Keeps you hooked

Not so great
You never really know all the facts
The end seemed a bit open
Early on I did suspect one of the main 'shocks'

Overall I would definitely recommend this book, it's not all happy and smiley, but it keeps you hooked and once you start you won't want to put it down. Be warned though, be prepared to be disappointed...when you finish it that is and your experience is over!

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