Sunday, 15 April 2012

Our marathon weekend

An unexpected first as I manage to pack just a teeny tiny case
Sure something's been forgotten, panic on my face

A 'traumatic' train journey as we get stuck with hectic hens and their giggling plans
It only gets worse when we're joined by our drunken companion, with his self-filled vodka and red bull cans

We arrive at the station and start the walk to our home for the weekend
Over 45 minutes later we arrive at a lovely modern apartment hot, sweaty but ready to meet new friends

All settled in, everyone takes a wander along the seafront and marina
Then back home to get ready for an evening out and some dinner

A Vietnamese feast awaits, drinks and lots of laughter
Then a seafront walk, more drinks and funny chats after

Home to bed with sore feet and full tummies
Quick to fall asleep, before awaking to another day which is cold but sunny

Saturday involves more walking, sussing out the marathon route and attending an expo
Then time for lunch, shopping and treats, The Lanes of course, we all know where to go!

Quirky shops, individual boutiques, decadent cupcakes and soft creamy fudge
Breathing in the sea air and strolling by the pier, eating all the sweets we love

At night it's dinner and time to load up on all those carbs for our marathon two
Pasta, jacket potatoes and lots of ingredients all good for you

Early to bed for the runners in our crowd
Outfits, race numbers and running supplies packed and laid out. We'll all be so proud

Sunday we wake ready to cheer them on
Runners already left for the start line, they are long gone

Banners are finished, balloons are blown and tied
Loudspeakers are tested and our outfits are checked, all matching, side by side

We set up our position, making other supporters giggle and likely waking the locals
As the runners start to appear we soon become very vocal

A great atmosphere is created despite the wind and cold
Calling out runners' names for encouragement, especially those whose costumes are bold

A long, tiring day but so worthwhile as you see those you support
Some run for charity, fun or just because they love doing this as their sport

The emotions run high as you await their arrival
Happiness all round as they cross the finish and pick up their medal

Some finish super fast, others slower but still do well
Whilst some struggle on, though they're feeling unwell

Medals, freebies, food and drinks
Bags full and heavy, legs ache, backs hurt and heads start to sink

Time to head home and rest or eat
A nice hot bath, lie down or to soak those blistered feet

After a celebratory glass of sparkle it's time for our weekend to end
We're tired out, faces pink from the sun and are sad to say bye to new friends

Brighton was full of fun, great food, laughs and fab company
Sad to be over, but was worthwhile for the fun, marathon achievement and money raised for charity

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