Saturday, 21 April 2012

A marathon achievement

This morning felt a little like Groundhog Day if I'm honest. We woke up, we had a late breakfast and we had a woman on TV cooking in her kitchen in Paris.

We got washed and dressed and then headed out to a marathon expo. Yep pretty much exactly the same as last Saturday. Well, apart from one thing, we weren't walking along a sunny seafront strolling to the exhibition, instead we were tubing it to London.

Now don't get me wrong, grumpy me was still evident to see as we got on the grimey District Line and people cut us up left right and centre throughout our journey. But I was pleasantly surprised by something I noticed. The transport system.

I used to regularly travel through West Ham and get the Jubilee Line - or depending on the journey the DLR. For once I'm going to praise the Olympics! If this is the influence of the Olympics coming to London then perhaps I have witnessed today a positive impact on our transport system - those trains were so regular and seemed to whizz out of the station!

The feel in the expo compared to Brighton last week was absolutely buzzing! It was packed with stalls and charities and had loud music pumping out giving a boost to energy levels.

Maybe it was the charity element but the thought of everybody coming together to support each other like that was a very nice feeling indeed. And dare I say it, it did make me think of the Olympics. If everyone comes together to will everyone on in Britain to do well in the Olympics it will create an amazing feel in London. Something I feel seems to be lacking at the moment (my slightly negative slant on things a good example of this I know!)

I found myself looking at Olympics related goods and feeling proud. I think this could be the influence of the marathon though, so please don't get celebrating (or sulking, depending on your views) just yet that I've suddenly become an Olympics fan!

I really can't wait for the marathon tomorrow in London, last week in Brighton was great and was so much fun standing with hardcore semi-pro cheerers!! It does make a difference if you really get into the supporting.

However I have to admit you can't beat the feel of the London marathon (Brighton of course is on a smaller scale and is still in its infancy to be fair).

I'm well prepared for tomorrow, I've got myself a supporters pack from Whizz Kidz (the disabled children's charity my man is running for, which includes

Balloons and stick holders
Banging sticks
T shirt
Supporters guide so we know where to watch

Then I also nabbed some freebies, so I'm also equipped with banners and trumpets too! I can't wait to cheer my man - and others - on!

This will be my fourth marathon in London now as a spectator. I have to say every one I've attended I've thoroughly enjoyed, the atmosphere is amazing, the crowds are so friendly and London feels a very safe and close capital.

I'll admit I do tend to have a whinge about the trains on marathon day as they always end up temporarily closing stations and there's normally at least one or more lines with issues.

However this year again I feel I should thank the Olympics because there doesn't really seem to be any line closures on the tube this weekend. If the trains run as fast and as regularly as today it'll be amazing. What the stations themselves are like I'll only find out tomorrow.

So as I pack my bag and plan my outfit for tomorrow's events, I am feeling optimistic about the Olympics and excited about the atmosphere awaiting me in the capital tomorrow. Plus I have an overwhelming sense of pride and love for my man right now for all he's achieved and I can't wait to be there at the finish line for him tomorrow. Him breaking through that finish line tomorrow will be symbolic of more than him just finishing an actual run itself and I can't wait to be there to support and congratulate him.

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