Friday, 13 April 2012

Brighton Bound

Yay it's Friday. Yay it's the weekend. Yay I'm off work and en route to Brighton for the first of my boyfriend's marathon attempts.

It's been a 'fun' couple of weeks, what with my Mum breaking her leg and having an op/being in hospital, some morons tried to break into my block of flats and I caught some weird tummy bug.

However now we're of to the seaside to spend time with one of my bestest friends and support her, my man and her Dad running the 26.2 miles that is the Brighton Marathon.

Trev's fundraising efforts are going quite well, he's now raised over £600 so just under £1,000 to go!! Sponsor him here if you fancy it

He's running for a very worthwhile charity Whizz Kidz - supporting disabled children (and adults) and we're hoping people who haven't already will sponsor him once they see evidence of him running this first event.

I'm also very pleased with myself as I've managed to pack all my outfits/wash stuff etc for two nights and three days in a teeny tiny case! I am the world's worst packer and always take too much so I have had to be very strict with myself. Also the weather forecast keeps changing so I'm sure I'm going to end up either too hot, too cold or wet!

It should also be interesting supporting our runners (there are a few things planned which I mustn't say anymore about in case it spoils things) and my man's running outfit will make interesting photos (or potentially blind people, it is pretty bright!)

Then there's going to be the fun of checking out what gruesome sores my man ends up with, encouraging my friend who is always so hard on herself even though she is an amazing sportswoman and trying to meet up with the in-laws on a packed Brighton seafront!

I shall keep you posted and am sure there'll be plenty of material to blog about!

For now I am going to sit back and enjoy (!) this District Line journey to Victoria before we get on our train to the (hopefully) sunny seaside!

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