Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mr Know-it-all

Lying here on my sofa in my PJs after a good gym workout, hot shower and a healthy dinner I feel pretty relaxed.

However, earlier on I experienced something that always winds me up - know-it-alls.

If you're a regular in the gym you'll know what I mean - that man or woman who stands by observing. Then gradually they make their way over to a poor, unsuspecting, innocent gymgoer and strike. "Can I just offer you a tip?" "Er just a bit of advice for you" and so on.

Those know-it-all people who think they know best and have the best way to hold the weights, position on machines and settings on the treadmill. They generally don't.

Today I was in work early for client results and so I finished earlier than normal. I purposely packed my gym kit and took it with me to work to ensure I had a workout since I was finishing early. Being up since 5am is tough though and I was pretty tired by the time I finished.

I won't lie I'm just getting back into the gym after a slight break and so I'm finding it hard right now. However, after a few minutes of a walking warm up on the treadmill I cranked up my music and started to run. All that stress and stroppiness started to melt away and I felt good.

Part way through my next block of 20 minutes though - on the bike - I didn't feel so great and decided rather than more cardio my last 20 minute block would be on weights.

Up I went to what I call the 'girly' weights area - these are adjustable machines rather than the numerous dumbells and benches in the 'meatheads' section downstairs.

I started on the shoulder press and then heard the familiar "excuse me..." before a man approached another guy on the chest press and told him how to hold the grips and to put the weight up a bit.

Granted I didn't fall victim to this 'expert', but I had the pleasure of learning his tips and tricks the whole time I was up there.

Don't get me wrong years back a lady tried to offer me some guidance on using the leg press, which I gratefully took on my board and thought how nice she was. That is until I realised she was one of these know-it-alls, she did it to loads of people and had in fact told me incorrect information. Moreover she'd told me foot positioning which could have caused damage to knees (as explained by my boyfriend who used to be a personal trainer so had a bit more idea than said woman!)

Of course these irritants aren't just limited to the gym. They can be found anywhere and everywhere. My boyfriend has had the pleasure of discovering one at his new job. A fellow newbie, this guy has close to zero experience, yet advises everyone else (including my boyfriend who has over 18months of paramedic training behind him) how to do the job. He finishes tutors' sentences in training and directs local people where to drive on the roads.

The problem is that this also means people who do have answers to things often hold back at risk of being known as a know-it-all and annoying people. If you get this feeling, chances are you are not one of these people and are in fact simply trying to help. Whereas know-it-alls seem oblivious to others not wanting to hear their advice.

I'm not going to be one myself and tell you how to deal with these people, but 'just a tip for you' - avoid eye contact with these people at all costs, before you give advice think if you really do know best and if the person in front of you would actually be just fine without your 'help'.

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