Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It never rains but pours!

Much like the weather of late, often we find in life it never rains but it pours!

This has been the case recently it seems for me and those closest to me.

I also feel like I have done nothing but moan of late, so I apologise if this post is another whinge-a-thon!

My boyfriend securing a job after 6 months being unemployed was set to be a shining beacon and see the start of all things positive – or so we thought. Thankfully – touch wood – after a couple of days of being on the training course for his job it seems to be so far so good.

However, as you’ll know from previous posts, my Mum recently broke her leg on holiday and has had to have an operation and is looking at a 3 month recovery timeframe. I then had an incident where there was a supposed attempted break in at my block of flats, not long after I caught a tummy bug and so generally felt rough, missed an important work meeting and couldn't visit my Mum.

Not to worry, I thought, they say bad luck comes in threes. Hm...

Next up was our weekend trip to Brighton where my 'marathon man' boyfriend was to run the first of his two-marathons-in-a-week events. At the start of the weekend he felt ill, to the point that by Sunday (marathon day), he had to run with a fever, sore throat, aching joints and a runny nose/difficulty breathing.

As you know he is running these events for charity and is trying to raise funds for Whizz Kidz, he needs to get £1600 and is so far about 46% of the way there. Another stress point to add to our list, he doesn't raise it he has to pay it out himself (I assume with the 'magic beans' he has from being out of work for 6 months).

Since then I have caught said germs and am poorly AGAIN, with a client event tomorrow night which it's now looking like I'll be too unwell to attend. Then today my boyfriend found he's got a flat tyre and the company he bought his car from never gave the correct part to allow a new wheel to be fitted (but of course claim they did!)

As you can tell it's been fun and games of late and I'm getting a tad grumpy as a result. We even had to leave our friend's wedding early yesterday due to our germs!

I'm now feeling fed up - of things going wrong and of feeling like I am constantly ill. Don't even get me started on my diet and exercise plan...

Recently I watched a debate on TV as to whether there was such a thing as 'luck' and if you simply make your own in life. I found I sided with the idea of being in charge of your life and needing to create/control your own destiny BUT there were situations throughout life where it seemed things happened out of your control and were a case of luck. Or take people - others seem to constantly get 'lucky breaks', whilst there are some who always seem to be down on luck.

I now find myself, or in particular my partner, fitting into the second of these groupings and wish life would give him a break.

As I journey home on my train which is dawdling along the track home, with my wet umbrella and sodden shoes, I'm going to try and look on the bright side.

Surely we must have sunny weather soon, my cold isn't going to last forever, and to be frank I need to get off my moody bum and control my luck for a while. Starting with setting aside some proper time after this weekend to book my birthday holiday, we'll then both have something to look forward to. Mind you it is for my impending 30th! God I'm getting old, I haven't done half the things I'd planned by now, I'm never going to be able to keep everyone happy with my plans, will there be any holidays left?...

Oh well, here we go again...

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