Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The City

Sirens wailing, car horns beeping, everybody rushing rushing
Shoulders barging, bags banging, everybody shoving pushing

Train announcements – more delays, everybody complaining moaning
Non commuters walking slowly, buggies, cases in the way, everybody sighing groaning

Free papers thrust in your face, freebies being given away, everybody grabbing trying
Traffic rushing past, people running and taking their chance, lights so slow to change, everybody feet tapping stamping

Chain bought coffee cups held out in front, people distracted by their phones, everybody texting talking
Crumbs dropping as hurried breakfasts eaten on the way to work, everybody munching chewing

Charity workers on the approach, Big Issue sellers saying ‘hello’, everybody ignoring hurrying
Someone trips and drops their bag, nobody has time to stop, everybody staring nosing

Tall office blocks towering above, shiny windows glinting in the sunlight, everybody at doors opening revolving
Unique boutiques opening up shop, staff starting their day, everybody chatting smoking

A dip in the noise, only latecomers rushing in to the office, everybody laughing relaxing
Workers on their way to meetings, clutching their tablets or laptops, everybody prepping briefing

Lunchtime comes, hustle and bustle and long queues, everybody eating drinking
Outdoor areas taken over by those on their breaks, everybody talking relaxing

Suited and booted, slick haired ‘cityboys’ and smartly dressed office girls pound the pavements, everybody’s shoes clicking clacking
Laid back Shoreditch types saunter along, dressed in the latest trends, everybody strolling wandering

Red faced execs strolling out of bars and restaurants after entertaining clients, everybody yawning smiling
Those who have no time for breaks, rushing to grab a quick bite before heading back, everybody stressing running

Local people walking round, going about their day, everybody buying viewing
Streetworkers clearing the paths and roads, everybody cleaning sweeping

Then time to go home, crowds swarming, everybody walking leaving
Trying to make that fast train back, getting through the crowds, everybody diving weaving

Bags knocking knees, elbows knocking backs, train engines starting, everybody sitting unwinding
People outside hailing cabs, meeting friends, everybody shouting greeting

And then darkness comes, after work drinks ending, everybody swaying giggling
Late night munchies, fast food places open, everybody queuing munching

Streets covered in litter, unwanted papers and flyers, everybody travelling sleeping
The odd car along the road, shops closed, odd office lights on, night staff, everybody cleaning tidying

That’s it for another day, silence apart from taxis and emergency vehicles, drivers, everybody concentrating tiring
Until the morning when it all begins again, everybody rushing rushing

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