Thursday, 1 March 2012

Let the sun shine

I love the sun. There is something about it that just makes everything seem right in the world. A bit of sunshine and it brightens everyone's mood.

Last week we had a couple of sunny days, being during the week I was at work. I was so disappointed when on both days I was too busy to take a break and missed out. So when I woke this morning - with a slightly sore head from too much wine last night - I was so pleased to see how bright and shiny it was!

Hence this is also why I am now on my lunchbreak sitting in the sun and writing this blog. Lovely.

I've always loved the sun since a young age, being lucky enough to go on holiday to a warm climate every year from the age of around 2 through to 24, I am definitely a sun worshipper! In turn my skin tends to agree with the sun and I tan well.

I must admit although I've never used fake tan/sunbeds I do loathe the winter months when I feel pale and think my skin makes me look ill. As soon as any sign of Summer begins I am out there topping up my tan.

As for holidays there are only a few years I haven't had one and they were hard, just the thought of heading somewhere hot in the near future makes everything seem alright. And as for people who don't like the sun, I just don't get it. Or those people who go on holiday to a hot location and hide indoors or under an umbrella the whole time, what's the point?

Sun to me equals happiness, health and fun. It brightens your mood waking up to a bright sunny day and leaves you feeling fresh and more awake.

Take today, I woke up hungover but still had a beaming smile. I've walked round the city and people all seem that little less miserable and rude. And clients so far - touch wood - all seem pleasant and polite.

I really do hope this is the start now of lots more happy sunny days. Then I can look forward to changing my exercise routine to include swimming and runs or walks outdoors, BBQs with friends and family, trips to the seaside and of course wearing a new wardrobe.

I guess the only daunting part is getting in shape for this warmer weather and less covered up clobber. As I'm still on my healthy eating and exercise plan though that doesn't worry me quite as much as usual.

I'm also reading a book at the moment set in a hot summer in Italy which is brightening my mood, but also teasing me with its tales of sweltering heat, cool drinks, outdoor eating, clear blue skies and crystal blue swimming pools.

Fresh salads and cold juices are so much more enjoyable than stodgy foods and hot drinks when it's sunny too. Although in the sun I will start to crave ice cream, chilled wine and lager, so I will definitely need to find a balance.

So not long left and I have to head back indoors. I'll make do with the sunlight coming through the window for the rest of today...and keep everything crossed for a weekend of warmth from tomorrow!

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