Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Biggest Letdown?

Last night saw the final of The Biggest Loser and saw one contestant crowned Biggest Loser 2012.

I will embarrassingly admit I was looking forward to this TV show and ensured I was back home and sat on my sofa watching in plenty of time.

However, I found myself disappointed. Let me explain.

Weight was on my mind also as the day before - the start of week 11 of my healthy eating and exercise plan - I found I've now lost a total of 14 pounds/a whole stone! I was extremely happy with this.

Funnily enough the first episode of Biggest Loser was on my first week on my plan too and I liked tuning in each week as I found it helped encourage me on my own journey.

Sadly I started to lose a little interest when the game playing and 'pact' started on the show. This in turn saw me change my mind on a number of contestants - in particular Kevin and Jessie.

The show has always been about weight loss and improving your life and health and last year everybody supported one another. This year the sour turn to keeping your friends in and tactical voting was unwelcome and I feel tarnished the show somewhat.

On viewing the final nobody could argue the amazing results achieved though, weightloss percentages of 40 over 24 weeks are certainly nothing to be sniffed at and are a great achievement. All the contestants, trainers and dieticians involved should be commended on such amazing results.

The problem I had though was finding it hard to be happy for the winners.

You have Kevin who although worked amazingly well and achieved jaw dropping results let himself down when playing games and acting so childishly towards his niece Amy Mac on the show.

And as for Jessie, at first I didn't like her, then I started to be won round as she pushed and pushed herself and worked incredibly hard. Then she went back to her sour-faced negative ways and was constantly moaning and game-playing. The penultimate episode just showed it all when she sulked about the Brecon Beacons challenge, didn't try and then had a hissy fit about the potential runner up prize still on offer in the final.

I thought throughout Sarah was amazing, she worked so hard no matter what and was a fair team player. On watching last night's show though I was surprised to see her father hadn't appeared to make an effort to lose weight after the health warnings he'd had.

Therefore you can imagine my disappointment when the two who had played games were the ultimate winners. The program ended and I felt deflated and let down to be honest.

Now this has ended for another year I'll just need to focus on my own weightloss journey and goals and let's hope I'm not left disappointed there...

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