Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Marvellous Mum

Marvellous Mum

You helped create my life and brought me into the world
To you I know I will always be your little girl

Brushing, plaiting and now dying my hair
No matter what happens I know you'll be there

As a teen we argued day after day
I would disagree at whatever you tried to say

I've inherited your organisation skills, caring nature and tidy ways
But also your worrying, love of food and obsession with sunbathing and holidays!

We've shared many moments of laughter and a number of tears
I always know when I need you without doubt you'll be there

We keep healthy together working out in the gym
Enjoy a nice glass of wine, share our books and cook for each other, both always trying to get thin

You wipe my tears, mend my clothes and buy my favourite things
You advise me on life, love, health, the home and pretty much everything!

How would I live without my true best friend
No matter what issue I'm having, I know you'll be there to the end

Where you are quiet, I'm quite a bit louder
I'm outgoing, you're shy, keeping things private where I'll talk for hour after hour

So happy Mothers Day to my truly marvellous Mum
There's no doubt as a Mum, to me, you really are number one!

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