Saturday, 24 March 2012

Marathon Man

Over the last six months Trev, my boyfriend, has had one of the worst times in his life – losing the job he adored with London Ambulance Service as a trainee paramedic and then trying to find work and being messed around left, right and centre by companies and recruitment agencies.

Rather than moping and feeling sorry for himself he decided to have a mass overhaul in his life and has instead stayed very strong and become more proactive and ambitious. As well as trying everything possible to get a new job, he’s also been on a healthy eating and exercise plan and lost over 2 stone (and is still going strong) and he’s also now working to raise money for TWO marathons (a week apart). The Brighton Marathon on Sunday 15th April and the London Marathon on Sunday 22nd April.

Not only this, he has FINALLY after six very tough months secured a new job.

One thing that has become clear after a number of job applications, interviews and research, is that my man wants to help people and do a role that matters. Don't get me wrong he was in desperate times and was applying for anything and everything, but thankfully he's worked hard to get a role where he can do what he does best - help others.

Driving an ambulance again and going back to shift work is something we've carefully discussed. Thankfully he won't be working all through the night and the shifts are more manageable (or seem to be I'll keep you posted!)

He will be transporting patients to and from hospital and obviously dealing with sick and injured patients. I know he'll be great!

When running these two marathons (a week apart, he must be mad!) Trev is raising cash for a very worthy charity for disabled children – Whizz Kids.

I should also add when he first signed up for the marathons back when he was in work, the Brighton Marathon he had a standard place on, BUT the London Marathon is a charity place (meaning you have to raise a set amount for said charity). Unfortunately Trev did not know he was going to lose his job and had a host of fundraising plans lined up which he’s not been able to follow through on and now needs to raise a whopping £1600 after being out of work and having no cash for 6 months!! He doesn't like to make things easy for himself!

Anyway if you wanted to find out more or if you'd be willing to give some cash - no matter how big or small - we would both really really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

Check out the link below

I am so so proud of Trev and he deserves every success in raising money for this charity. Let's help him succeed in another goal of his for 2012!

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