Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bookworm: A Tiny Bit Marvellous by Dawn French

The latest in my list of reads is this offering from bubbly female comedian Dawn French.

I was bought the book as part of a Secret Santa present, a good pressie for someone who likes to read - this book is pretty chunky!

The book won Popular Fiction Book of the Year at the Galaxy National Book Awards. This offering, published by the Penguin Group is French's first novel and follows her memoirs 'Dear Fatty'.

Now, don't get me wrong, this book is not going to win any awards for intellectual read or most thought provoking text. However, it is such a refreshing read.

When I received this literary gift I didn't even know Dawn French had released a novel. Admittedly I had a look online at the likes of Amazon and to be honest there were A LOT of negative reviews.

In my opinion, the book comes across with the cheeky and heartfelt warmth I feel French gives out as a person.

If you're feeling a bit stressed out and want a nice, easy read, something not to take too seriously and to give you a few giggles and appeal to your silly side - then this is a good option.

The story revolves around the Battle family - Dora, Mo, 'Oscar' and Dad. Mo is a likeable character and I found myself laughing at the grumpy teenager that is Dora. At first I felt like I was reading a stereotypical description of the likes of the 'Little Britain' character Vicky Pollard and it did get a bit annoying at times.

In addition, 'Oscar' is a little far fetched at times. As I've said though, this book is meant to be silly and not taken too seriously as the characters and their lives evolve in front of you as part of their 'diary entries'.

Good bits
* This book, like its title is 'a tiny bit marvellous'

* Silly but likeable comedy

* Easy read to get lost in

* Good to relax you and forget about real life everyday stresses - so good to read before bed, on lunchbreaks and on the commute

Not so great
* Predictable

* Doesn't stretch your mind in the slightest

* A bit far fetched

So I guess overall I'm saying yes I would recommend it, but only if you want something to relax you with its silliness. Do not read this if you like something serious.

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