Saturday, 17 March 2012

Your Mum

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, are you ready? Talking to a lot of people yesterday - mostly male I may add - probably not. Judging by the swarms of people (and their young children) in my local Tesco last night probably not.

Now in my family I know we do things a little differently - being so small in numbers and me being an only child - but we do like to make a bit of a fuss on birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and so on.

My parents are off on (yet another) fancy holiday next week and in fact booked to depart just after Sunday in order to make sure they'd be in the country for said occasion.

So whilst a lot of children will be posting Mum a card or dropping her a quick phonecall I will always find myself either cooking a three course meal for Mum and Dad or taking them out, buying a host of gifts and a card and spending most - if not all - the day and evening together.

I should just add I don't mind doing this at all and enjoy it, particularly now I'm older and have a better relationship with my parents.

It's funny isn't it people often say Mum knows best. Now when you're young it irritates the hell out of you and you strongly disagree, but as you get older you soon come to realise actually she probably really does.

My relationship with my Mum has gone all over the place and it's been a real rollercoaster ride, I imagine like a lot of females.

When little I was a very girly girl and loved a good cuddle with my Mummy. I enjoyed being dressed up in cute clothes and was very shy and timid.

We remained very close for a long time, until that is I started secondary school and turned 11. I can distinctly remember my Mum complaining how I'd changed and I was like a completely different person.

As I entered my teenage years I got worse, I wouldn't have been seen dead with my Mum and spent all my time at weekends going shopping or to the cinema with friends. I wouldn't let her in the changing rooms with me on the odd occasion we went shopping and if we did we had HUGE rows!

It only got worse, the older I got the more I wanted to be away from my parents and 'grow up', advice Mum gave me I would argue against. In turn I got very close to my Auntie - although a family member she wasn't my Mum so it was allowed in my teenage mind.

As for college, oh dear, rows row rows, Mum read my diary, we argued about boyfriends and all sorts. I was no longer the shy quiet girl I was a talk-non-stop confident young girl.

It wasn't until I went away to Uni I realised how much I missed my Mum, her super roast dinners that nobody will ever beat, her cuddles when I'm down, the way she looks after you when ill and her advice which actually it turned out did make a lot of sense after all.

The way my Mum missed me when I left for Uni and the way she was so upset each time she had to leave me after a visit broke my heart. Mum still has a text where I was first ill when living away from home, embarrassingly I sound just like a little girl again! I just wanted my Mum!

Although I had numerous rows with my parents when I moved home after Uni, it soon sorted out when I moved out and I'm pleased that I have a very close relationship with both of them.

I love spending time with my Mum doing girly things - shopping, going to the gym, spa days, gossiping over a cup of coffee, giggling over some wine or when she comes round to dye my hair. She truly is my best friend and I now finally realise (well most of the time) she does know best.

So this Mothers Day I will be spoiling my Mum as she more than deserves it. For those of you who haven't yet realised the wonder of your Mum, you will. I would be lost without my Mum and I can only hope when I one day have children I remember all the help and love she gave me and can do the same.

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