Friday, 8 May 2015

One Week On

A week since we found out we'd lost you
It feels like mere moments we've been through

The rollercoaster ride continues, small improvements then massive drops
Emotions constantly changing, the heartache tears, anger and hurt never stops

Starting to see small positives in those around us
Friends, family, work all supporting and there to make a fuss

Such kind words, thoughtful touches, gifts and offers of helping hands 
Truly appreciating all we have, even those we thought maybe were not part of our life plans 

Truly thinking of ways to remember our Little Seed
So grateful of those who've been there in our worst moment of need

Sharing experiences with those who've been through this same hell
At times surprised by some who I thought I knew well

Not trusting my thoughts, feelings or body, time to time 
Trying not to jump to conclusions, knowing not all impressions are truly mine

My love for my partner continues to grow and grow
His kindness, support and never-ending giving means more than you could know 

Truly learning for the first time to put me at the number one spot
So many lessons from this harrowing experience I feel I've got

That empty feeling I doubt can ever be filled, I can't believe anymore tears could exist within me
I'll always miss and love our Little Seed, though I hope in time we will be able to have another baby 

It would be truly, loved, wanted like no other
But wouldn't be our first baby, but Little Seed's sister or brother 

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