Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Good bad, happy sad

One good day, one bad
Feeling slightly happy, then sad

Thinking I'm a little better yesterday
Down, hurt, angry and tired today

Alternate days see me smile, then cry
One day getting out, the next just asking why

Sometimes happy for others and coping around children or a baby
Others jealous of announcements and upset why it's not me

Then pains seem to ease, hot water bottle put aside
Now aches, cramps and more, at home I just want to hide

Emotions start to settle, not so many tears
Then it flips and I feel I could cry non-stop for years

Things start to make me smile and perhaps laugh or smirk
Next minute completely low and can't face seeing people or going back to work

Social plans start to crop up again in my memory 
A day later no interest in anything in the future, no fun or mixing for me

You feel you're starting to move forward and start to become yourself, well in the main 
Awake the next day, see a scan, baby, bump or similar and back to square one again 

One day it must get better, this logically somewhere in my head I know
But when will my emotions and physical side match again though? 

Even ideas to try again, could we have another Little Seed?
Physical symptoms keep putting any idea of a stop to that, how will we ever succeed? 

The good must outweigh the bad sometime in the future I guess
For now, I just wish life and nature would give my mind and body a rest 

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