Monday, 30 July 2012

My five day challenge

This weekend was so much fun, I caught up with friends, let my hair down and gave myself a break from the healthy eating. Big time.

To give you an idea I indulged in the likes of five bottles of wine over the two days (shared with another girl both times) and I munched my way through stir fry, prawn crackers, spring rolls and chocolates one night and Turkish feta parcels, a super oily cheesy, tomatoey lamb dish, rice and fresh bread on another.

I went to spinning last week - Tuesday, Thursday and then on Sunday with a hangover. Of course as we know alcohol is not too great when you're on a health kick - it impacts on your metabolism and stops you performing as well when exercising.

Unsurprisingly when I stepped on the scales this morning I'd put on weight. Granted this was only one pound, but still, it put me further away from my goal weight for Thailand.

Like the spinaholic I am, I had already been looking at the studio timetable and wondering what I could fit in before my holiday.

On weighing myself today, my initial ideas of potentially spending most of this week spinning started to seem a strong and sensible option.

So I've decided to try and set myself the challenge of completing five days in a row of spinning. I did an hour yesterday and then 45 minutes tonight.

Now I plan to go again tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday.

I won't lie, tonight was tough after getting up at 445 this morning for an early start at work. To make myself go back out after getting home was a struggle. As always though I felt better for it.

Even yesterday on forcing myself to go to a 1030am class after going to bed at 3am on Friday and 2am on Saturday (and with a bit of a hangover), I was pleased I went by the end.

Now I've put it on here I'm also more accountable in sticking to my challenge. I'm hoping by knowing I've bleated on about it on here, on Twitter and Facebook it will help me stay strong and attend all the classes, we shall see.

All I know is I've got to get in a bikini in less than a week and if that means I need to move my legs non stop, cause my quads to throb and my abs and arms to ache, so be it!

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