Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Spinners Anonymous

I love spinning. We all know this. In fact I'm probably a little addicted I admit.

However tonight tested me somewhat.

I always have to rush to the gym in order to get to the class in time. What makes it worse is that people 'reserve' a bike for themselves. Often they do this way in advance of the class and what drives me insane is that they then turn up last minute or late to the session!

This annoys me usually, but today after getting hot and bothered on the train it was bound to get to me even more tonight.

What made it worse today is that on the Tuesday class you have to put your name down and reserve your place. Which I always do.

Off I rush to the studio today, thankful for the cold air con in the gym. I get in the studio, it's boiling and every bike has people's towels/bottles etc on them, those that don't have the dreaded blue roll on it.

I've gone regularly to the class the last few weeks and always put my name down and turned up. Apparently this means absolutely nothing.

I could not seem to find one spinning bike that was free and the instructor wasn't in the room yet. Off I went downstairs to reception where a really helpful member of staff told me if my name is down ignore the blue roll and pick a bike. End of.

I returned upstairs happy and swiftly moved over to a bike, noticing the instructor was now there...and he was watching me.

"Er that bikes taken"

I hastily told him about my visit downstairs and what they said (and note this was a few minutes before class starts and said bike 'owner' was still not there). I even mentioned how often I go to the class and always make sure I put my name down.

"But this one's taken. Sorry"

At this point my blood was starting to boil. Believe me the way I feel lately I am not in the mood to have people mess me about.

Thankfully - for my insanity and moreso the safety of the instructor - there was one lone bike spare at the back, which he encouraged me towards.

I shot him a dirty look, huffed a bit and then set myself up on this spinning bicycle.

It took me a good ten minutes into the session to stop shooting him angry looks (its in the dark so this was a tad pointless, but it made me feel better!) Eventually I did calm down and made the most of the session.

I just hope that next week it doesn't happen again.

Yes that's right I'm going back next week, I put my name down and I'm going to grace this instructor with my presence again.

The honest reason being because quite frankly I love this man's class, it's fun and he pushes you hard, but in an enjoyable way. Plus Thailand is coming up and I don't have long left to get in shape, there aren't many classes left.

I truly am a sucker for spinning.

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