Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fitness Fail

I'm lying with my feet up after dinner, with the TV on and it feels great!

Yes I should have been just getting home from my fourth spin class in a row. However I haven't stuck to my challenge of five days in a row. Yes you could say I've failed my challenge I know and don't get me wrong I am disappointed in myself.

On the other hand I think this break tonight is a wise decision (as well as one very strongly suggested by my boyfriend).

The reason for this lapse in leg turning and foot pedalling is down to the fact I am exhausted, pure and simple.

Last night when I did the third spinning session I found it tough. It probably didn't help I had a stomach ache on arrival (which didn't ease during the session). I was just so tired though too.

I kept trying to push and push myself and I stayed for the whole session as normal. The only thing is I didn't feel great, I felt nauseous throughout the session and once I left the studio I felt extremely light headed.

Normally this temporary feeling subsides once I eat my dinner, but last night it didn't shift. In fact even when I woke up this morning I still felt 'out of it'.

Trying to relax and ease my achey muscles I had a bubble bath last night too. What happened? This morning I woke up with stiff legs and a tight achey chest.

Describing how I'd felt last night to my boyfriend he argued I should definitely take a day off today and to be honest the way I still felt this morning I started to agree.

I still took my spinning kit off to work with me 'just in case', but have left it there ready for tomorrow instead.

I've also got to be in work again from 6am tomorrow, so already feeling tired during the day was a pretty strong sign I needed to rest up.

I have to admit I'm not missing the class tonight and am grateful to be indoors relaxing.

So I know I'm rubbish for not sticking to my challenge - which was only five days after all - but if it means I can push harder tomorrow and be healthy and well for my holiday then I think I've got a good excuse!

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