Saturday, 21 July 2012

Deodorant anyone?

As I mentioned on Tuesday, each time I go to a spin class I seem to learn something new. Or specifically, what to avoid.

Today was my Saturday 60 minutes spinning class at the the gym with our roaring instructor (she likes to 'arrgghhh' and 'grrrr' us through the session!)

This class was my third one this week and in fact my twelfth session since I first tried spinning at the end of June.

I've cycled my way through 10 hours and 10 minutes of spinning, with three different instructors. Tomorrow I'm set to try a class with another, fourth, trainer too.

I've realised I prefer the bikes with what I call the 'rough' handles on as they offer more grip when you're a bit slippery from sweating. Today I had to get on one of the smoother ones (hands sliding off the handlebars is pretty inevitable with these).

Once we got started I didn't care. What I love about Saturday's teacher is she plays different tracks each week and today we had a mixture of trance and dance music. As always it was lots of fun but tough.

I was sweaty. Very sweaty.

Also I was proud, we had two or three people drop out part way through the class. This brought a big smile to my face, I was really pleased I was managing to stick it out and carry on.

However this smile was short lived when I started to feel queasy. Now I did feel a tad nauseous on Thursday night's class, but this was down to me finding the moves hard.

Today was thanks to the lady in front of me, who quite frankly absolutely stunk!

Obviously in this sort of class you sweat, we all do. But seriously if you're a generally clean person and use deodorant I don't see why you need to smell.

It was awful every time we had to do 'position three' - off the saddle but leaning forward and low - I was catching a nice big whiff of her B.O.

Not only was I working hard and battling through my tiredness and aching legs. I had to contend with Little Miss Smelly in front. It was disgusting and made me feel ill.

Today's lesson learnt. Do not sit on a bike behind this woman. Ever. Again.

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