Friday, 27 July 2012

Packing panic

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to move on and accept the fact that their Mum can’t pack their holiday suitcase for them anymore.

Unfortunately for me this happened many many years back now. In fact you’d think I’d have become quite a pro at packing myself by now right? Wrong. Panicking makes me panic.

Having a conversation at work recently I realised I haven’t really left myself that much time to get my packing done before we go away (busy week at work, obsessing over spinning classes in the evenings). Bearing in mind I was uber keen to ‘pack light’ since we’ll be moving around quite a bit, I’m not giving myself a very good chance.

As Little Miss Organised I always put together a list (another trait handed down my Mum!) and do think long and hard about what I’m going to take. After many a holiday returning with a load of clothes I’ve never worn, I also do try and group things together in outfits so I don’t take as much of a surplus of clothes (hey I’m female I’m always going to take more than I need!)

When I finally do get all packed up then comes the next drama – the weight. My parents have this little gadget for weighing your suitcase (meant to be more reliable than trying to balance it on an old set of scales and peering round it to try view the results). I tend to weigh mine numerous times and if I am travelling with my boyfriend many a time he gets asked if he has any spare room to take on some of my load.

However, regardless of how under (or likely dead on) the case weight results are I get petrified when we’re at the airport waiting to check in. I am always convinced my case will be over and we’ll get charged an extortionate amount of cash. To be fair once on a flight back from a holiday in Fuerteventura (why oh why did I go back after a disastrous holiday there before I don’t know) we did both get charged for being overweight. Although I think this was more to do with the dodgy airport staff trying to get some extra cash rather than a legitimate heavy luggage issue (I won’t go into details but people noticed the scales weren’t even on zero when they were empty and far too many people got charged for the same thing).

The main reason for me constantly worrying about this? My case. Moreover the size of it. For years I’ve stared longingly at other people in the check in areas and their compact tidy looking case. I stare in wonder at how these people fit all their belongings in such a small space. Particularly when there is a whole massive family there with one case the same size as mine!

I honestly don’t understand how I do it though. I don’t throw all my things in the suitcase at random; I do fold things and place things in the gaps to make it fit better. No matter what I do, I always end up with a massive suitcase full to the brim. My toiletries alone seem to take up most of the luggage allowance!

And as for the people who turn up with a tiny carry-on bag or small-enough-to-stow-in-the-overhead-compartments-suitcase I just have to assume they belong to midgets with poor hygiene and miniscule clothes. I mean that’s the only logical explanation right?

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