Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bulging bums and sweaty cycling

Tonight as it's Tuesday I headed off to my gym as it's the first of my week's spinning sessions.

It seems each week I am discovering new things about spinning.

Last week I became acquainted with padded cycling trousers. After numerous sessions of suffering with an achey bottom and having to ease myself into chairs like an elderly lady I decided enough was enough.

So after having a nose online and in my local discount sports shop, I purchased my Muddyfox padded capri cycling pants. I figured for just under ten pounds even if they didn't make too much difference it wasn't tons of cash down the drain.

I was so excited when my new purchase arrived and I hastily packed it into my gym bag. In the evening as I got dressed in the changing rooms I pulled my new cyclewear on. Wow.

The best way I can describe how these bottoms feel is like wearing a nappy. Seriously. I waddled my way up to the spin studio and felt like my bum was following two steps behind me! In fact I was pretty sure I looked like Donald Duck!

After getting used to said garments I soon began to feel grateful for this padding, even if it did feel like a sofa cushion strapped underneath me. I managed to pedal faster, stay in position better and it didn't feel like I'd been literally kicked up the backside!

As you'd imagine I've not looked back since, my trusty trousers accompany me to every spin session. It's a shame I can't wear them in the horse riding saddle too...

I've been feeling a tad stroppy this week and was glad to be going spinning tonight to let off some steam and give me a much needed boost.

Due to the class starting an hour after I finish work and the fact people 'reserve' their bikes a la holiday sunlounger-towel style, I'm often in a rush to get into the studio on time.

I'd been all proud of myself having packed my spinning kit on Sunday ready for tonight's class, I was all set to go.

Then tonight I realised something as I rushed to get ready in the gym changing rooms.

I'd forgotten my towel.

Now when you spin you sweat. A lot. You sweat so much that at times your hands can't grip the handlebars and slide off. Your top changes colour. You leave the studio looking like your head has just been held under a power shower.

To say I was disappointed at forgetting my towel is an understatement. I knew what this meant - the blue roll.

This odd-smelling, scratchy, blue covered toilet-roll-like paper is available in the gym to wipe down machines and for those without a towel. I hate it.

I grabbed a handful of paper and got set up on the bike. I noticed I was next to an 'older' man who had no towel, nor any blue roll.

By the time today's spinning class was over I'd discovered two things.

Don't forget your towel, blue roll is useless and will not effectively mop up your sweaty face. This was backed up as I tried to absorb the sweat and felt the paper disintegrating between my fingers.

Don't sit next to men without a towel, they sweat. A lot. And it flings everywhere, namely onto you. The girl on the other side of him murmuring 'Urgh...' and me struggling to find a dry area on the floor to do my stretches near his bike gives you an idea.

I threw my useless blue towel in the bin, left the studio and on leaving the gym made my way to the bus stop.

Then I learned another discovery - getting the first bus available and walking part of the way home is not a great idea when you're already shattered from spinning.

I wonder what I'll discover at Thursday's class...

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