Monday, 27 June 2011

Trashy TV or a way to unwind?

So, no blog ALL weekend. Although I’ve only just started doing this I actually genuinely missed writing it, much to my boyfriend’s bemusement.

Don’t worry though this means an extra treat (or punishment, depending on your opinion of this blog) for you because I’m now writing more than one post today as a result!

One of my guilty pleasures is watching what we refer to as trashy TV. You know the sort of thing, where you don’t really need to engage your brain too much, just sit back, relax and stare?

Why do we label it so? And is it bad for you? Should I be ashamed of my TV-watching, or be proud to be seen as shallow? Why is it trash and why shouldn’t we watch it?

I’m sure many of you will know those people who loudly declare they don’t watch television – as if it’s below them to merely use a remote control and partake in something so common. It’s this sort of comment which makes ‘trashees’ like me feel ashamed of going home after work and vegging out in front of the box.

More importantly who is it that decides they are trashy?

I often gorge myself on said programmes and recently a friend of mine reminded me the reason our friendship got started was based on our common interest in the delights of television shows such as Don’t Tell The Bride, World’s Strictest Parents and Embarrassing Bodies.

There you go then, there’s one reason I think can be firmly listed under the pro section for any argument surrounding these programmes – conversation. There’s no denying it they spark debate – whether it’s to discuss what happened in the programme, to people outright laughing at the stupidity of what they watched.

Other delights such as cookery based items – Masterchef, Come Dine With Me, Dinner Date etc – actually can prove inspiration to cook. A couple of girlfriends and myself started a regular CDWM evening once a month last year where we’d compete with one another (serving a course each). Not only did this give us a regular chance to catch up on our news, but it also created a bit of banter between us and encouraged me to make proper meals and not just chuck something together with a few bits of food and a jar of sauce!

Relationship-led pieces can help you treasure what you’ve got – be thankful your Mum loves you and doesn’t try to compete with you, unlike those on Hotter Than My Daughter. Or get ideas for your upcoming wedding on Four Weddings, Bridezilla or DTTB. Gain some tips on DIY and colour schemes from the likes of Mad About The House, 60 Second Makeover or DIY SOS.

In a world where we deal with underpaid, stressful jobs and have to juggle relationships, family, a career, looking good and developing our skills, then surely having a way out is key? My Dad used to constantly fall asleep in the evenings whilst he was still at work and was told it was his way of coping with the pressures of his role, some of my friends like to indulge in a cheeky glass of wine to soothe their nightmare day, or go on a wild night out to let their hair down. Why then can we not unwind with watching the television, switching off from the day and our responsibilities and watching something that interests us?

Sometimes we might want to enjoy a factual documentary, discover more about a historical event, or work out how to be better with our budget. On the flip side we may get home from work after a hard day of juggling figures, schedules and clients and just want to sit down and find out how people in Essex, Chelsea or Newcastle like to spend their time – tanning, drinking and living up to stereotypes...

I say don’t feel guilty for watching these sorts of shows on TV, so what if you get some form of relief watching Jeremy Kyle, it’s just another part of who you are and what you enjoy. As long as you don’t spend your whole spare time indulging in them and find you can’t recall the last time you read a paper, watched the news or met up with friends, then I think you’re safe.

Right I better go; I’ve just seen this ‘reem’ idea for how to discipline your kids with the ‘naughty step’ which I need to put on Facebook, then it’s off to get my nails done and top up my fake tan, after that me and my Mum need to go shopping for clubbing outfits, I need to start my new diet shakes to become the best loser, ask Dr Christian for tips on how to get rid of that embarrassing bodymark, oh and pick up my gypsy wedding dress from the dry cleaners!

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  1. Yesterday I watched a show about what would happen in people died out and dogs took over the world. Trash or brilliant? Hard to tell.