Friday, 24 June 2011


Eyes being pulled down, desperate to close
Why she’s so quiet everybody knows
Mouth dry like sandpaper with a terrible thirst
Breakfast this morning just made things feel worse
Head heavy with pain and filled with a million pounding drums
Tongue licking lips and trying to moisten parched gums
Embarrassing images flashing through the mind
Stomach flipping over recalling where we dined
Skull achy and tight, feels ready to split
If that person on the phone gets any louder I’m ready to hit
As the evening went on it all seemed so right
Talking and laughing no workday in sight
Tequila and vodka, cocktails and wine
Once a few had gone down my mind was not mine
The shrilling pitch of the alarm signalled morning, no that’s not right
I’m still unable to move and so tired it has to really be night?
I’ll make it through ‘til 530, I know I can do it
I’ll drink and eat junk food until I feel fit
Getting home I’ll be tired and vow never again
Until the next night gets arranged and I’ll be keen to know when
For now I’ll keep switching from hot and to cold
My body will rebel and remind me I’m too old
I’ll groan at the memories and the way I’m now feeling
Clutch on to the toilet in front of which I’m now kneeling
Hangover, hangover, please will you go away
I enjoyed myself last night, but this price I’m not willing to pay

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