Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Well I survived – both the storm and my second interview. Now it’s time to sit back and see what happens and keep every single thing possible crossed.

Kinda feeling a bit sad right now though as left the interview and just headed back home – boyfriend’s working, all my friends are at work, any of my family who live nearby are on holiday, so I’m all alone.

You know what I’ve done, come back and had some chocolate and coffee and have been watching Dinner Dates – what a saddo! I must say though I just cannot believe this guy on here. He has so far told one girl that parmesan includes the same enzyme as vomit and another that to get rid of indigestion you just wipe your armpits and breathe it in. Nice.

What is it about us that sometimes stops us from thinking about what we’re going to say.

I am a classic example of this – well take for instance today I told the interviewee how I love writing, but have not pursued it anymore as a career as you have to be really lucky to be well paid for it. Yes well done Mel you go right ahead and say that to someone who used to head up a huge well known newspaper/media organisation, duh!... 

There was also the time I told a client how for my birthday I was having an Ann Summers party, because I was worried that what I’d told him so far was a bit dull sounding. I do tend to feel I need to be honest with people, which in the main I think people appreciate, but at other times I really need to learn how to keep my mouth shut!

Ha! The guy has just picked which girl he wants to take out, her face just says it all – the fakest smile ever. I’ve also become quite adept at that – doing a forced smile and pretending something is funny or I agree.

So what should we do, be honest all the time and just tell it like it is, or try the fake approach so as not to offend?

Well if I was the girl on this programme I don’t think I could hold back on his horrendous outfit and would have to speak my mind. As my friend would say the colour is ‘T Mobile pink’ and he kinda looked like he was off to go ride a horse rather than go out and enjoy a meal.

Is it better to be strong and opinionated, or keep it to yourself for an easy life? Why are some of us naturally honest early on and others start off mischievous from childhood and fib their way throughout?

Truth be told do we really want to always be told the truth or do we like being charmed with false interest and approval? Think about it, how would you really react if when you asked your friend or partner if your bum looked big in that outfit they turned round and told you yes it did? I think for now I’m going to carry on in blissful ignorance thank you very much…

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