Monday, 27 June 2011

These are a few of my favourite things

Another poem, this time about all my favourite things...

The smell of freshly baked bread
All cosied up in my lovely big bed
A great impromptu night out with family or friends
Flicking through a trashy mag for the latest trends
Freshly cut grass and that morning cup of coffee
Relaxing by a pool when it’s lovely and sunny
Seeing the sights and learning new things
Drinking and laughing and late night dancing
Coming home from the shops laden down with new buys
Then modelling the purchases in front of interested eyes
The sound of the wine pouring out of the bottle
Eating a great meal, but not feeling too full
Lying on a beach hearing the waves lap against the sand
A smile from my boyfriend as he reaches to hold my hand
My hair being stroked as I gradually drift off to sleep
Beautiful packaging from a gift I will always keep
Buying again yet another bikini
And dresses and bags and really cool jewellery
Curling up with a really good book
Gossiping with the girls just with a look
Feeling loved and being smothered with cuddles and hugs
Eating post-run picnics in the park, food completely covering the rug
The super soft skin of my niece and nephew
The way I feel when my man says I love you
Just managing to catch that bus or a train
All snuggled up indoors when outside it’s full of cold and the rain
Counting down the days until you go away
All the things you enjoy on a great holiday
Watching my favourite bands at a gig or festival
Or discovering new acts sometimes can be the best of all
My Mum’s roast dinner, my man’s lasagne or Thai soup
 Partying with my friends as a really big group
Catching a good film or a great theatre show
Sipping on cocktails and trying new ones I don’t know
The buzz from keeping fit when I go to the gym
Compliments I get and the way I feel when I start to look trim
Going swimming, so refreshing and cool
Checking out my fave male celebs, oh how I drool
Looking back over photos of all those great times
Getting new things for my flat and knowing it’s all mine
The sense of fulfilment and pride when I receive praise
Taking part in charity events and the pleasure at cash amounts that I raise
Keeping my clients at work really happy
Everyone there knowing the person with the answer will most likely be me
Getting back into my writing and the sense of relief at this time of change
This new chapter in my life, although it still feels a bit strange
No matter my mood my niece and nephew, always full of fun and games
Them trying out new words and managing to speak my name
The sense of security knowing my parents are always there
Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated when I restyle my hair
I could carry on, the list seems never-ending
But for now I shall stop, look on Facebook or Twitter and see what’s trending

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