Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Calm before the storm

I absolutely hate storms. Seriously I can’t stand them. The sound of thunder, a bolt of lightning and I am reduced to a quivering mess!

So now sitting in my office (thankfully not one of the higher buildings in the Canary Wharf area) I am looking out the window at the darkened skies filled with dread. Every roll of thunder, every lightning flash and I either gasp or oooh in response.

I’ve been reassured with words that this is tame compared to South Africa and lightning strikes the highest thing, so although at 5ft 11 I’m a bit of a female giant, I’m not high up enough to be struck.

Let’s just hope this stops before the end of the day else how am I going to leave the building and get home? Plus the boyfriend is working until late tonight (joys of dating a paramedic), so I’ve got nobody to comfort me when I’m indoors and I AM on the top floor there – okay it’s only a three floor building, but that’s just details people...

I got myself all prepared yesterday for this worrying weather to hit last night, but oh no, this storm’s sneaky. It has waited for me to feel calm and content and forget about it and then BANG it strikes!

We’re also on the cusp of a metaphorical storm in that tomorrow I have a second interview for a job and I keep forgetting about it and then getting super nervous when I remember. Apparently I was quite impressive last time, but how can I improve on that? What do I need to whip out the bag to excite the next set of people I meet? A night of prepping awaits me that’s for sure...

Oh well, if this weather continues who knows I may well not even make it there – no I’m not suggesting I’ll have been struck by lightning, I could just still be stuck at home underneath my duvet waiting for it all to end.

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  1. Good luck for tomorrow hon! Let us know how it goes x