Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day two: the first temptation

As if we needed any proof of how pathetic it is to be so worried about making it just one month without booze, I’m due to come across my first hurdle today.

This evening I am going to the ballet to see The Nutcracker (my first time and I can’t wait!) but beforehand my boyfriend and I will grab something nice to eat. And this is where the first hurdle pops up.

In my head (I guess because I’m so used to drinking!) I think yum a nice meal and a big glass of wine. But of course I’m not allowed a glass of wine am I? As I explained to a colleague at work earlier I’m not a big fan of many soft drinks, I tend to have water or orange juice, or tea and coffee. I don’t like the typical fizzy drinks of coke, lemonade etc and I don’t really like many other juices or even flavoured water (even my orange juice needs to be smooth!)

Don’t get me wrong, there is no way I would break this not drinking pledge, particularly as it’s for charity. Tonight I will have a lovely meal, but I will drink water with it.

Hopefully as time goes on I won’t link events/meals/items with alcohol as a standard accompaniment and being alcohol-free will feel natural. Who knows I might even go off it for good! (Yeah right…)

Somebody also suggested to me I might need to replace it with another treat – i.e. nice food. This is definitely a no go, I need to get back in shape and lose more weight this year so stuffing my face like a pig is not allowed. In fact tonight is going to be my last treat for a while that’s for sure. Once I get back into the exercise routine (spinning tomorrow) I’m sure this will help too.

I’ll let you know how I get on and what I think of the ballet too. I’m hoping both situations will be big hits and highlight to me all the new things I can try in 2013 as planned.

I’ve already booked up to go to the opera early next month, so that’s another cultural item to add to the list. Me and a friend at work have also talked about going to an art gallery together and she’s going dry this month too so hopefully we can support each other!

Here’s to a healthier and (culturally) wealthier 2013 to come…

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