Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow, dieting and a bit of ballet

I'm sitting in my toasty warm flat - admittedly still in my pyjamas - relaxing as the snow continues to fall outside.

I've just realised I haven't blogged for a few days, so thought it was time for a bit of an update.

I'm considering doing a workout DVD for exercise (which if done will be my fifth day of exercise this week). I don't fancy venturing out in that snow! Last week I managed six days of exercise and healthy eating with a 'cheat' one day when I went out for a meal. I lost one pound. This I found really disappointing.

And of course there's been no booze. I'm still successfully working my way through Dry January, now on my 20th day and only 11 remaining! It's felt great if I'm honest.

Last night I enjoyed another meal out, a two course meal at Prezzo and a little treat of ice cream at the theatre too. Let's hope it's not undone all my hard work this week!

I noticed as well how I'm falling into getting used to not having alcohol - my third meal out now without drinking and I actually felt quite happy with drinking water with my meal. It doesn't seem a big deal anymore and doesn't need to be an automatic association of eating out combined with a big glass (or bottle) of wine.

The best bit of last night though was the entertainment afterwards - the ballet. I was back at the London Coliseum, this time with my Auntie, for her first visit to the ballet.

We were there to see The Sleeping Beauty. I wondered whether it'd feel so magical this time round - not being my first visit or still around the 'festive' season. On Friday as the snow came down I was also concerned the show might be 'snowed off' or we just wouldn't be able to get there ourselves.

Thankfully the snow held off and we trudged up to London in our wellies without issue.

In terms of the show? I wasn't disappointed. This time we were to enjoy the story of beautiful Princess Aurora and the curse set on her to fall into a deep sleep if she is ever to prick her finger - only a true love kiss from a Prince can awaken her.

If I was impressed last time at the Nutcracker, this time I was absolutely wowed. There seemed to be even more astounding displays of dance talent. 'Aurora' (Tamara Rojo) was so so talented. I couldn't believe how she moved and you were mesmerised by her pirouettes (I hope this is the right term!)

Again I recognised Daria Klimentova and Crystal Costa from The Nutcracker and this time they seemed even better if possible.

The costumes were again so so beautiful, the colours, detail, sparkle and amazing movement as ballet dancers leapt, turned and floated across the stage.

I think we can safely say I will be booking up to go to the ballet again!

As I relax today I really hope I get a good result in tomorrow's weigh in. I'm finally not quite so achey. I hit the gym on Friday for an hour's workout and decided to do a little bit of weight work near the end as I haven't done it in so long, then Saturday morning I did spinning as usual. I've been in agony since, so achey!!

Thankfully after a long sleep my muscles don't seem as bad and I can brave my Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD later. Although again I've not done this in a long time so I might find I can't walk too well for work tomorrow (not ideal when you've got to negotiate snow and ice too!)

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