Saturday, 5 January 2013

Where has all this energy come from??

Last night I felt super lazy, I was tired (again! Seem to have been tired all of 2013 so far) and I just couldn't face the gym.

I'd planned to go and do a 5k on the treadmill and had lugged my bag of gym gear to and from work. Time I got off the train I didn't feel anymore up for it and I had a tummy ache so I headed home.

Although feeling tired I'd been in the mood to get things done all day. I'd finally got around to booking a test at the doctors I've been meaning to sort since June!

On my lunchbreak I went to finally get some passport pictures for my driving licence after having had the letter for weeks now to renew my photo. Then I made some calls to finally set up broadband for my flat (two weeks after ordering my laptop!!

Anyway as I mentioned in the evening I headed home from work, but when I got in my flat I suddenly got in the mood again to get things done. This led to - on a Friday night - me doing the following:

Packing up all my Christmas decorations in their boxes/bags so they could go up in the loft
Emptying all the rubbish
Sitting and going over all my budget/spendings for December
Writing out a big list of things I need to buy on my big food shop

When I went to bed I felt tired again but so pleased I'd managed to organise some bits rather than just sitting around.

This morning I woke up and again felt super sleepy, but I dragged myself out of bed to get ready for spin...and then after eating my breakfast I stripped my bed and loaded up the washing machine and then threw out my rubbish on the way to the gym.

Spinning was yet again pretty tough - a combination I think of being overweight and lethargic after Christmas and the fact the air con is still not fixed and it is so so hot in the studio.

After spin I knew I had lots to do (after putting my name down ready for Tuesday's class). I got home had a nice hot shower and ate some lunch. Then off I went again.

I've now done the following:

Defrosted my freezer
Sorted out all my bath towels, flannels etc
Made my bed with new clean sheets
Got my washing done
Hoovered all the carpets
Swept and mopped all the other floors
Cleaned the bathroom and kitchen

After three hours of chores I remembered I needed to post off my forms from last night and also put my asthma prescription into the chemist. I changed out of my lazing-round-the-house clothes and then jumped on a bus.

Once I'd put my prescription in and posted my letter I decided I didn't want to wait for bus back and so then I walked back home.

Where has all this energy come from??

I've finally sat down to relax, I've got a couple of hours before I need to leave and go to do my big food shop next! Yes that's how rock and roll mine and my boyfriend's life is. He finishes work at 7 and is meeting me in Tesco to help me get the shopping home!

I've already planned to go for a run with my boyfriend tomorrow as he's not at work and to go to the cinema.

Now what can I find to do next?...

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